Friday, May 09, 2008

OSH Sucks Harder

If you haven't read it already - check out this earlier post or just take it as read that somebody at OSH was rude to me and I dropped a quick note about it on their website.

The good news? A "George" at OSH - that's Orchard Supply Hardware, which is basically supposed to be Home Depot with better service (ha!) - called me and left a message. The bad news? He didn't provide his last name, anything about if he was with the store or district or corporate... and he didn't leave a return phone number! That's a great trick - you can tell your boss "Well, I called that upset customer back and he never returned my call so he can't care very much, can he?" I guess I could call the store and either hope he's at that location or that they can guess who he is, but given the customer service levels received so far I'm not sure I want to bother with that. Especially since I'm not fishing for a free pound of nails or something; I just thought somebody should know.

Seriously, I can be abused at Home Depot and pay less, or I can go check out that little hardware store down the street I've been meaning to check out.


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