Thursday, May 08, 2008

New Pictures: City Mouse

A day earlier than planned, here's the new set with Mouse running all around the city.

So for those who don't totally know the area, the locations are...
  • Treasure Island (half way across the bay bridge)
  • Corner of Haight and Ashbury
  • In front of City Hall
  • At the base of Lombard Street
  • On the Fishing Pier with assorted landmarks in background including Alcatraz
  • On the Golden Gate Bridge itself
  • At Fort Point with the bridge in the background
I've also enclosed more scenic shots than normal, so if you see a shot or two with no model, that's why.

There are some other obvious tourism shots to take - perhaps someday I'll go take those as well.

Based on the teaser shots I put up right after the shoot I got some comments to the effect of "how did you do that in such public places". Basically you just work really fast - you can be nude pretty much anywhere for 30 seconds and do it safely. In some cases it's actually less public than it looks (there's something out of the frame in between us and any people). It is important to have enough experience to get something cool in that little time, but remember that you can always do test runs clothed, look at the back of the camera, and only when you're 100% sure you both know what you want do you actually have to go for it.

This is actually less out of any legal concerns than just not wanting to be rude to passerby, although it was unavoidable to be noticed by the tourists at the base of Lombard Street taking the same picture as us. Luckily they were all amused and saw it as a San Francisco moment.


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