Monday, May 05, 2008

Little updates

If you see Iron Man, wait until after the credits before leaving - there is an interesting bit at the end. Good movie, by the way, I was a bit concerned from some of the reviews but I think the local reviewer was just projecting his own politics onto some of the somewhat vague politics in the movie.

I'm listing a lot more items than usual on eBay. There's a couple of reasons for this - their new fee structure pushes fees off of listings and onto successfully completed auctions, so there's a lot less incentive to keep the percentage of items that actually sell high. But it's also a bit of an experiment - I'm going to be going on hiatus in a bit anyway, so it's kind of a blowout to see if it actually increases sales. My feeling so far is that it's about a wash - part of the point of auction format is that there's this notion of scarcity - that you have to get it now. And if you're listing 150 items a week like one of my competitors, well, what's the rush? I haven't decided yet what strategy I'll use when I resume listing. Maybe I'll just go totally nuts and flood the market!

So speaking of the hiatus, it's about that time. Every year everything kind of stops for a couple of weeks, usually around late May. I haven't figured out the exact dates yet but I'll probably only be listing new eBay items until around the end of the week, then let people pay for things and ship them off. I'll probably resume around a week into June, with auctions ending around June 10th (ish). Likewise you'll still be able to make orders on this website, but I'll stop sending new items to the lab around May 20th (ish) and resuming around June 10th. I'll post a more formal announcement at some point but I thought blog readers would like a heads up.

The next price increase will be around mid August or early September. I basically know where I want to be by new year's and it's just a question of how many little sub-increases I'm going to break it up into. I really should have started this earlier so the whole schedule is kind of compressed but there's nothing for it now. I probably won't post exact dates and numbers until mid July.


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