Monday, April 28, 2008

Trimmed a hedge today!

So every time I've lived in a house with a hedge, it was always the neighbor's hedge. In the current house he planted that hedge in the late 30s when my house was a vacant lot to keep the kids from crossing through his yard as they cut the corner. And although my place was built in the early 40s he kept the hedge, and when I moved in he let me know that although technically it was on my property, if I didn't mind too much he'd like to maintain it, since he had except for a little gap around when my house was built when the government asked him to walk across France (From Omaha Beach towards Berlin, specifically). Not a problem.

Well, the neighbor has finally died or been hauled away to a home or something, I'm not sure. I've seen the kids around (the "kids" are older than me) but they aren't super friendly and I didn't want to walk up and say, "So, your dad die, or what?". And he was pretty much my source of neighborhood gossip that I'd ask about anybody else, so I've sort of tried to ignore the whole thing until I run into somebody who might know what's up.

Except nobody ever told the kids that this hedge was *his* and they've apparently hired a service to maintain the yard but they didn't do the hedge. And technically I guess it belongs to me, and it was getting kind of shaggy, so I thought I'd better beat it back into shape.

Now, the neighbor did it by hand with clippers and that's just not going to happen. (He also edged his lawn with scissors, I kid you not). But I do own a hedge trimmer despite never having trimmed a hedge - I use it to keep some ivy in line. So I gave it a shot. How hard can it be, right?

It looks... ok. It looks.... ok from the street. Things are a bit... lopsided. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to keep its shape (which is overly complicated) but perhaps I'll learn fast.

But I tell you, it's a weird thing to have lived here for 12 years and one day to inherit a hedge.

Update: Ran into the nicest of the kids and got an update - sure enough, he passed away. I'm not sure how old he was, but he was married in 1938.


Blogger lanmandan45 said...

ok Mr. Photog, where's the pics? ;-)

8:07 PM  
Blogger San Francisco Nudes said...

Heh - maybe next time if I do a better job!

10:04 PM  

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