Friday, April 04, 2008

Post Shoot Notes: Maria

I just finished a shoot with Maria - here's the usual test chart shot (just because, even though it's not really evenly lit) and departing slightly from my normal strategy of just grabbing an image from the thumbnails, the other image is one I noticed was nice during the shoot. I don't look at every image, but I'll double check one or two here and there and this one looked nice on the back of the camera.

I also shot a roll of film, but it's with the Holga so some people will be happier than others about that.

I have two more shoots scheduled in the near future - both with huge potential - so there should be a number of images showing up here soon. Don't forget that print prices are going up April 10th which is less than a week away now, so if you want to save a little money order sooner rather than later.


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