Thursday, April 17, 2008


Nothing major, but here's some little stuff I've been keeping an eye on.

First off, the post office is raising rates May 12th. They're relatively small changes - my most common package goes up 20 cents - and I just had a price increase so I'm not planning on making any kind of major changes. It's complex doing flat rate shipping because some packages are flat rate and some are by weight, and everything I send has some kind of packaging that can range from about fifty cents to $3 depending on what it is (the expensive ones involve shipping tubes). I do actually lose money on some combinations but you just kind of have to pick an average and go with it. It's possible once I start shipping that I'll find some nasty surprise for some particular situation but so far it looks like I can just eat the difference.

The other little thing I have to keep an eye on is that the lab decided to change papers. They're going from Kodak Professional Supra Endura to Kodak Supra Endura VC which is the latest-greatest professional paper. It has a laundry list of improvements - I'm not sure how much any of it really means to me except I need to keep an extra eye on the prints for a bit just to make sure they didn't make a mistake. The lab's apparently been using it for at least some orders for three weeks so they have a good handle on it, but they're still human.

I should be uploading Zinn's pictures tomorrow - just have to do a couple of little things.


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