Thursday, April 10, 2008


That's Calico.

I'm sick as a dog, have been since yesterday. Other than running to the post office today I've basically been napping and doing some little tasks. As an example I got in some new 1TB hard drives - you can get name-brand but low-feature (like USB only) 1TB drives for pretty cheap now and I like to buy drives in pairs and copy pictures to both of them and then physically remove one drive to another location. Since I move pictures off of my working RAID drive only occasionally when they pile up it's not that important if the drives are particularly fast or not - this is more long term storage than a backup in the conventional sense. Anyway, moving around hundreds of gigs of data takes a while so it's a good sick day activity. You nod off for a "second" and wham, the copy's done.

I also uploaded the version of the website with the new pricing - thanks to those who went on a last minute splurge with the old pricing. Mostly Europeans - I think in the US everybody's trying to get their taxes done. I had a really good late March from people getting refunds, then it dries up in mid-late April, then hopefully I'll get a boost on the US side when the tax rebates show up. It's possible I missed something but hopefully it's all current.

This is going to be a trend, by the way - I should have done this some time ago, and basically I'm behind where I should be on pricing. So I'll probably do one more round let's say September and then again in January.

I got pretty far editing the set with Maria but I'm not sure if I'll hit my original plan, which was basically to finish editing a set every Friday for the next three weeks. But it should be in a couple of days anyway, possibly with the digital ones first and the Holga shots following because I'm not going to develop film until I'm a little better - the thought of fixer smell isn't so wonderful.

OK, back to bed!


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