Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Post Shoot Notes: Ashley

Ashley's just starting out with modeling, and she was willing to humor me with a test shoot. I was testing my battery unit (A Vagabond II) for my studio strobes.

There's a couple of reasons why it's nice to be able to run studio strobes off of a battery (basically a car battery with an inverter) - power failure, shooting at a portrait client's house and not having to worry about power, and being able to use a studio strobe outdoors. Like say, the beach.

In this case we were just at a little local park for a quick test. The more dramatic one uses a honeycomb grid - which basically directs the light into a spotlight - the shadows are a little wacky but point being it does work and it can overpower the background such that you don't even see it, which is an interesting option. The less dramatic one uses a brolly box (basically a backed umbrella) just filling in the shadows a bit and letting the background go a bit dark.

The battery definitely works - recycle time on one light's about the same as if it's plugged in. With two lights it takes twice as long, etc. It's good for some large number of flashes - I didn't take nearly enough shots to get near running the battery down. It's a nice little unit. The big problem with the dramatic lighting is it's all in the angles and you can't see what's happening at all in daylight, although obviously shooting digital helps to adjust the model's angle. It's probably going to take a couple of tries to nail it, but that's pretty much how it goes with anything new.

Once I get to that point in my editing backlog I'll edit the best couple of shots for her portfolio and most likely put one or two on my portrait site but there won't be any kind of a set or anything - there's not really a whole shoot or anything like that.


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