Monday, March 10, 2008

Little Updates

That's CK in the studio, for anybody who hasn't seen them yet.

I'm done with my two portrait shoots for the most part (just a bit of follow through, like ordering and mailing prints). I don't usually spend a lot of time talking about my portrait work, because it's kind of unfair to talk about how great these women are and then say you can't see them, but one of the tradeoffs is that it cuts into the time I can be going through the model shoots so it's relevant at the moment since I'm a bit backed up with two shoots in the can but not edited.

I have a tentative informal clothed shoot for Tuesday which is partially to test out some gear, and a nude shoot Friday. That means I do have a couple of days this week to start catching up on my editing backlog, make some alternative process prints, photograph some alternative process prints I've made but not listed for sale yet, etc. but it might very well be next week until a lot of new shots show up although once that starts there should be quite a few new images in short order. Keep in mind there's always a lot of ongoing stuff like packaging up prints to mail, going to the post office, etc. so even though an activity I mention doesn't take all day, it's easier to take up the "extra" time in the day that's not taken by ongoing tasks.

I did do one little experiment - I was curious about how PayPal subscriptions work, so I set up a little button that will let people donate $5/month to the website. I put it next to the little donate button on the right hand sidebar and I'll put a copy below. You can cancel at any time through the PayPal side. If you do this you get nothing except a warm glow in your heart - if you want goodies, just buy a print, they're not that expensive - this is more for people who get enjoyment out of the 6,000 or so free pictures on this website and wouldn't mind kicking in a few bucks but would rather spread it out rather than buy a print, or their wife will kick their butt if they bring home a picture of a naked woman, or whatever.

The other thing I'm trying to do is check out Google Checkout as an alternative to PayPal. It might be nice to give people options, especially since some people absolutely hate PayPal. But it takes a couple of days to get verified to take money so I started that process in the hope that it will be done by the time I have time to look into it more. I'll report back either way - even if I don't use it - if I find it's too hard to integrate or has some weird catch I'll let everybody know what I think.


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