Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Yosemite Film

I'm still going through the digital shots, but when I was in Yosemite this month I took a couple of rolls of film. One was with my Agfa Isolette, a German medium format folder from the 50s. Just scroll past the pictures of the naked women and you'll see them. Two were with my Holga which is a crappy $23 Chinese plastic toy camera that they still make. Some people find the Holga pictures charming ("dreamy landscape") some find them crappy ("out of focus"). I like them as an occasional change of pace in the studio but don't usually use one outdoors. But what the heck.

I've put one of each from basically the same place here. If you can't tell which is which, well, you might want to renew the prescription on those glasses! That's not really fair, though, because I think where the Holga really shines are pictures like this one of the stop sign - look as the trees are sharp in the center and go crazy on the edges.


Blogger cosfrog said...

ugh youre making me sick! I used to backpack the valley rim then stay with the HS group from church for another week each summer in my HS years....miss that place.

love the first one, looks like my ansel adams print hanging in my living room =o)

4:19 PM  

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