Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Yosemite - Digital

And that same shot just for comparison. Hey, it's a classic. I've uploaded a bunch of shots to my much neglected personal/travel/whatever site. This is basically what's going in the scrapbook (plus some extra coyote pictures for uninteresting reasons). I'm not really a landscape guy, this really was more of a vacation than a photo trip. I think only one image even got cropped - they're mostly just extracted from the RAW files and slapped up there. Many of the shots aren't so much artistic as "Here's the snow berm outside our hotel window! Kids were sledding down it and crashing into our door!". I may slim down the web version and add commentary, then again I may not, we'll see.

Landscapes with the 5D, the coyote with the 40D, the bobcat shots with the point and shoot I always have with me.

I probably will revisit these the next time I make platinum prints and come up with a couple of snazzy black and white shots and make platinum prints of those. But mostly they're just for fun.


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