Thursday, February 07, 2008

Well alrighty then

This is turning into an odd day - some extra kelpy model-wannabies (again, most actual art models are very cool, but I work with maybe 10% of the people who contact me about shooting and there's definitely some crazies in the bunch, flakes, people with an over inflated sense of what their marketability is, 13 year old boys trying to score free samples, people saying they'll work in exchange for drugs, people from another state who think I'll fly them in, and just generally kelp for brains). It's not just me, by the way, all photographers have similar stories. The models have stories about kelpy photographers and especially photographer wannabies where goal #1 is to see a naked chick. (Public service announcement: If you go to a strip club it's cheaper. But remember, there's no sex in the champagne room.) I'm sure the makeup artists and stylists and such think we're all insane.

I had a directory on my RAID mirror get corrupted somehow and windows repaired it by deleting the directory. Um, thanks. Luckily being the paranoid guy I am and knowing that RAID mirrors are great against physical drive failures but not so good against Windows screwing up (or me for that matter) I have a third drive that gets a daily backup as well so no harm done. But that reminded me that although the 1TB drive that holds my old stuff does have an offsite backup, I do occasionally re-edit old sets or just go through and slim them down and remove pictures that wouldn't have made the cut today. That means that losing that drive would be a pain so I ordered another one. You can get a USB-only (aka "slow but cheap" which is fine for my purposes) 1TB external drive for $270 now. Probably less if you hunt around and aren't too picky about brand.

Oh, and also, it's my birthday.


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