Friday, February 01, 2008


Well, the last nail has been pounded into the Netscape Coffin. AOL finally dropped all support for it. I actually worked there for a bit in the mid 90s. This was at the height of the browser wars when you would read on the front page of the business section of the newspaper (remember newspapers?) that some new security hole had been found. I had a weird position - I was doing emergency fixes for the 3.x version which was actually shipping while the other engineers were working on the 4.x version. So it was this kind of thing, or if there was a bug that was irritating some major customer. So basically I'd come to work in the morning, and sometimes there would be a copy of the newspaper on my chair with the headline circled and "Fix this" written next to it. (no pressure) otherwise I'd just hit the bug list and see what was in my queue. All my bugs had things like "A half million dollar Ford contract depends on this being fixed ASAP!" (no pressure)

This was back in my contractor days so I was there only six months or so, but it was an interesting time to be involved in a company like that.

That's Fierce in one of the ACEOs I've been plugging lately.


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