Sunday, February 17, 2008

Post shoot notes: Treasi

For various reasons I want to beef up my clothed portfolio. To some extent I'll just do that by asking the nude models to bring a cute outfit for if we have time at the end of the shoot, but I also wanted to do maybe one totally clothed shoot per month to kind of kick start things a bit. I did the first of those today with Treasi.

It was my first studio shoot for a while, and the first shoot with the 5D (more on that later) and I haven't shot a clothed model for a while. Clothing is very limiting from my perspective - since I'm basically a lighting geek at heart and getting outfits to work with dramatic lighting is a big pain. We shot lighting like the blue-background one for the most part with a couple of different outfits, but also did some more dramatic lighting since it worked well with the outfit seen here.

As always, I just grabbed a couple of frames for the blog, these aren't necessarily "keepers". The black background is literally the last frame I took, and the blue background is just one that looked nice on the thumbnails. There's no kind of post processing other than cropping, this is all done in-camera.

Oh, and the 5D was great. The somewhat slow speed (3 frames per second) is a non-issue in the studio. I did shoot away too fast for parts of the shoot and you could tell the buffer doesn't write to the card nearly as fast as the 40D but it's really no big deal. I still think I'll grab the 40D for sports, wildlife, etc. but I'm glad I own both now.


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