Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Getting there...

CK's shoot will most likely go up tomorrow - I'm basically there but want to make one last pass through the images. I've been swamped since getting back from Yosemite so everything's taking a bit longer than it should.

The 2nd round of the ACEOs finished on eBay - 8 of the 9 sold. Average price slipped a bit but is still about $10 (but now it's just a bit under instead of just a bit over). I went ahead and listed them once more, and then probably I'll give it a break for a bit. It's good on eBay not to let people take it for granted that you'll relist items immediately! It's been successful enough that I'll definitely do a platinum run at some point but I'm a bit behind in platinum printing and the humidity isn't cooperating so it might not be for a while. I'll probably go with half images I did in cyanotype (so people can compare) and half new images.

I have I think six model shoots scheduled over the next month and more who are interested, but as always you never know how it will all work out. For every dedicated, reliable model like CK there are half a dozen people who think maybe it would be fun but aren't really serious. Sometimes I get great shoots out of those people despite everything, but you definitely have to wonder how others manage to hold down any job at all.

A note on bandwidth - the site's pulling about two and a half times as much bandwidth as it did a year ago. Some of this is a popularity thing and some of this is because people are spending more time on the site in a visit. I think the more time is largely due to some website changes I made at the same time I upgraded Dreamweaver several versions, put in some basic CSS and changed some navigational things. (There's a Lunarpages button on the right sidebar if anybody wants to check out my host - they've treated me well so far).

I've been doing the blog for two years and selling prints online for three now. At least one of my original customers from the first couple of months pops in and buys the new stuff now and again - this kind of repeat business has made a huge difference. Sure, you'll get the occasional nutjob customer (thank God for the blocked bidder list on eBay), but generally speaking the folks buying art and supporting artists are a pretty nice bunch of folks and it's definitely been an interesting experience selling online.


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