Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Well, the first batch of nine all sold on eBay - I've relisted all of them with #2/25. So far keeping the numbers straight is easy - when they get out of sync I'll have to be careful.

They went for $91 and change collectively - which is great, because I was hoping for $10 each and that's right on target. it will be interesting to see if the demand dies off after a couple of rounds or if frustrated bidders come back with aggressive bids. Often somebody will put in some crazy high bid "knowing" they won't really have to pay it - people will nibble against it and then give up. But when two people do that on the same item the results can be spectacular.

It was also great to see some new bidders and some of the email I got from people - it's clear I'm hitting both folks who usually get my stuff and either knew they liked cyanotypes or were just curious but also ACEO/ATC collectors who were new to my work and of course might be tempted to buy the normal size after seeing how nice the little ones are. And if not, well, I'm having fun - they're really cute little prints - I've actually bought some myself from other folks on eBay. Just search on ACEO and they'll come right up.


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