Monday, February 04, 2008

5D First Impressions

Wow, that shot really looks like crap after Blogger is done compressing it. Good work, guys!

Actually it's not that compelling anyway, it was just one of those shots photographers take when they're playing with a new camera. The 5D arrived today and I took it with me for a stroll after a post office run. It works - the whole situation is a bit weird because it was introduced 2.5 years ago and still doesn't really have any direct competition (I think the next cheapest full frame camera costs about twice as much although I haven't price checked recently). So Canon's never updated it - probably won't for about six months - and while it's still incredible in some respects, and arguably all important respects like, oh, image quality, it's missing a variety of little features the much cheaper 40D has (rear screen size, anti-dust, 14 bits instead of 12, frames per second, write to card speed, some basic weather seals, live view, blah blah blah) and for many features it's the only camera left in the lineup that's missing them. And everybody "knows" it's going to be updated sooner or later, possibly split into a higher end and a lower end model, but as of now Canon would rather sit on their butts until somebody challenges them in that space. Which, admittedly, probably won't happen soon because everybody else is playing catch up with full frame sensors and they're focusing more on the high end - those $5K+ cameras. Still, companies that leave the door open for the competition often find themselves playing catch up themselves and hopefully they won't overdo it.

The good news is that the price has come way, way down - especially if you want the kit lens you can get some great deals. The original release price was $3300 and if you get the kit and subtract out the lens street value you can get a 5D body for about $1700 now.

Having both cameras should be nice - there's definitely pros and cons to both sensor sizes and if you need a backup anyway getting one of each works pretty well as a solution. So this should be a pretty nice setup, especially with the 25-105L lens which made a nice first impression. Probably the next model shoot I do I'll use both cameras just to compare and contrast a bit more.


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