Monday, January 14, 2008


So it's like this.

Beautiful model... check.
Beautiful location... check.
Early morning light... check.
Take picture of model's ID... check.
Take picture of white balance card... check.
Take initial burst of model... click click click click.
Stop taking initial burst of model... click click click
Turn camera off... click click click
Remove battery... silence.
Start to reinsert battery (camera still off)... click click click

Shutter failure. Canon 20D, 130K shots. The clicks sound like it trying to take a picture but what's going on is that the mirror is stuck in some weird position and it's trying to return it. It's about a $300 repair.

Look at backup camera options. Not good. I have a film camera, but not much film. I only intended to shoot a test roll to try a film/developer combo. There's a pro camera store that's not that far away in the grand scheme of things but I don't think they're open yet. I need medium format film. And the camera? My 1950s Agfa Isolette - the one where to focus you guess how far away the subject is and dial it into the lens.

So what can you do? Curse the fact that you for once in your life didn't have a backup plan (in the studio this would have been no big deal other than the expense, but I didn't have a full set of stuff in the field), grovel a bit with the model, and hope she'll humor you with a reshoot when you get the camera repaired/replaced.


Blogger cosfrog said...

Sorry to hear that. Got a used MKII to sell ya =o)

Actually Im waiting for that day. Both my MKIIs really need to get in the shop for a tuneup and the MKIII has AI Servo issues I hear and noticed when shooting basketball. But can never bear to part with them.

Need to take a day off and take a trip to Irvine, after I get my CPS paperwork in (which I keep putting off)

3:12 PM  
Blogger San Francisco Nudes said...

Get the Mk III registered with Canon - at some point they'll contact you about replacing some mirror assembly. Heat is a factor so you probably want to get it done by summer.

So the plan is to pick up a 40D for now and longer term I'd like to get a full frame camera - 5D Mark II or 3D or 7D or whatever it is they're doing with their product line. I actually don't like the large 1 series bodies so that's a factor (as well as cost, obviously).

In a perfect world I'd like to have both for some work I'm doing in late May/early June but we'll see.

3:20 PM  

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