Tuesday, January 01, 2008


Fun little tidbit -

First off, I've never actually been to the San Francisco Zoo, where a tiger decided that it wanted to go for a walk, and gee, the fence wasn't high enough and it ended up with bodies on the ground and four rather stunned cops finding out that yes, you can take out a tiger with handguns. .40 Sig 229s I think they use if anybody's going shopping. I go to the San Diego Zoo, which is world class, but I don't really enjoy 2nd tier zoos where the animals don't look that happy and the reputation of the SF Zoo is pretty bad frankly.

Now, I've also never been to the Oakland Zoo, which is apparently actually pretty nice these days - it's small but they've put a lot of money into making nice habitats and so forth. And I actually live basically down the street from the zoo - in a neighboring town, but not far at all. It's totally lame that I've never paid the $10 to stick my head in and check it out and I'll have to do that soon. But they just announced that their tiger fence is also too low - 13.5 feet at the low point, and that's about three feet shorter than the minimum and of course they're going to improve it. But for the moment there's a tiger down the street that is basically staying in its area because it wants to. Reassuring, huh?

(There were 126+ murders in Oakland in 2007 so I don't think anybody's super concerned about the tiger, but hey, I have too much imagination for my own good.)

PS They have a little page on the tigers at the Oakland Zoo - they're from a circus.


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