Thursday, January 03, 2008

Tiger Rant

Model is Kamarose.

The first storm's mostly to the north of here -raining but not too hard.

So the zoo is reopening, and there's a huge number of people who are saying "Well, they taunted the tiger, what did you expect?" and the zoo director in particular who a) wants to protect his 350K/year job and b) doesn't want to go to jail keeps hinting about this. Nevermind that they don't have any actual proof of this, because it doesn't matter.

Look, if I go to the zoo, rub myself down with hamburger, swing a whole salmon around my head three times, strip, and moon the tiger the tiger still shouldn't be able to get out if only because he's just as likely to eat the grandma next to me as not. If you have a tiger near members of the public, especially a tiger which has already mauled its keepers, you have a responsibility to not let the tiger wander around and eat people, no matter what dumb thing they do. And this business of badmouthing the victim while changing your story to the press over and over again - even to basic facts like the height of the fence which has changed several times - doesn't somehow relieve you of that responsibility.


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