Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This and that

Pictured is Mocha in my tradition of highlighting an old shoot when I have nothing better to use.

The crappy weather here continues - cold Alaskan rain coming down here and causing snow with just a bit of elevation. I'm pretty much at sea level so it's just kind of miserable and wet. Not super rainy, not super windy although we did have a power outage for a couple of hours last night that went as far as I could see in any direction (and I called somebody 3/4 of a mile away and they didn't have power either). One outdoor shoot got rescheduled, one didn't (traveling model, but the way she's been acting the last couple of days I wouldn't shoot with her even if she came back to town.) I fear the worst for my shoot scheduled Sunday but we'll just have to wait and see how it goes.

Update: On the way back from the post office it snowed! Just a few flakes but that's very, very unusual at sea level in California. Last time I saw it personally was just about 20 years ago and never before then. (I've seen it at elevation or out of state but only twice below, say, a thousand feet in CA).

I definitely will do some studio work earlier than I intended so watch for that. It will be a mix of nude and clothed work since I'm more officially doing clothed portraits (I know, the shock) and I basically just put some placeholder images up for now. So if you're local, attractive, and want some free pictures drop me a note.

Last reminder for the CD and the calendar which won't be sold after Feb 1st. There's also copies of the extremely limited edition "Plain Brown Wrapper" book. I wanted to give blog readers first shot at it, but while I'm changing things Feb 1st I'll put a link on the main page so it will get a lot more traffic.

I had a print returned as undeliverable for no obvious reason. The post office had it since December 26th and just got it back to me, the charmers. It's all nasty looking and beat up but the print survived it all and is just fine. Kind of a small miracle - I do try to package the prints so they can survive some abuse, but you can't protect against everything and this one was pretty bad.

So that's it for life in nude photography land. Exciting stuff, I know.


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