Friday, January 04, 2008


That's Kamarose again.

It's raining, just as predicted. I did lose power briefly last night when things were blowing like crazy but it's not too bad where I am at the moment - more like "rain" and less like "storm". I'm actually making platinum prints right now - I have a backlog, basically because it's been so dry. Luckily people who appreciate these enough to pay full rate ($125) for one made just for them from a shot they picked off the website (as opposed to something I printed on speculation and listed on eBay) are generally very understanding that this isn't exactly like you hit a button and you're done. But if the humidity stays high today I should not only get caught up but finally get started on the next round of cyanotype over platinum prints.

Update: Got the prints made - lost power very briefly but not at a critical moment. Apparently there are lots of people out of power still (hundreds of thousands) - lots of poles down and transformers blown. Could be days before it's all sorted out and the third storm I think is supposed to hit this evening. But I seem to have gotten lucky on this one. It also helps that I work at home since traffic is rather exciting - they had to close one bridge because the winds were so bad that trucks were being blown over. Scary!

PS I'm hearing


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