Thursday, January 03, 2008

New Model: Kamarose

Well, they're telling us that we're going to be hit with massive storms the next couple of days, leading to power outages and general chaos. So I thought I'd better finish these up now - the pictures of Kamarose are finally up.

On another note, I removed the calendar from the main index page, but you can still order it from the publisher for a while. I'll remove it at some point because it really pisses me off browsing their stuff and finding 2006 calendars mixed in with everything else. But it will be up until, oh, maybe St. Patrick's day.

I have a bunch of cool shoots tentatively scheduled over the next month and will schedule more but outdoor shoots are the worst for reliability - between weather, people getting cold feet, people realizing that I mean it when I say we shoot at sunrise (you wouldn't believe how many times I say we'll do it as early as possible and the model suggests 11:00 or something). The other problem is that winter break giveth and winter break taketh away. Meaning a lot of gals who have big plans for modeling while they're home for Christmas discover they're having too much fun partying and visiting friends to actually do any work. So the bottom line is that I might only get a couple of shoots in before I start doing studio work again (around Feb 1st) but they will probably be with exceptional models.


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