Monday, January 21, 2008

Little updates

I've been scouting around for shooting locations (these shots are from my little point and shoot) and generally trying to get out of the house. The weather's been good... until today... and of course I have two morning nude shoots scheduled this week... I also have pouring rain and it's about 42 degrees at two in the afternoon. This is not normal - generally if it's this cold it's crisp and still, rain means warm. Frankly I don't know how it's all going to go - just going to have to check the radar the night before and make a go/no go decision each day. I can shoot in a certain amount of rain, but at some point it just gets silly, especially near the bay.

I've also had some problems with models getting a day or two away from the shoot and basically asking "Wait, isn't it going to be cold at sunrise on the bay in January". Um, yeah. Or I'll say we need to do it really early in the morning for the right light, and they'll agree, and I'll ask them the earliest they can get over here and it's 11:00. Um, yeah. So I definitely appreciate - and I hope you all appreciate - the gals who are tough enough to do these shoots.

I've done some alternative process stuff - still working on getting copper prints to work but I can see that I ought to be able to get some nice prints - I need to let some test charts age a bit (it seems to darken up a bit with time and I want to be able to measure when they stabilize) and then I can print negatives and make prints. I have some platinum and cyanotype over platinum prints I need to photograph and I've been putting that off since my studio stuff is put away but I'll start doing studio work in a bit and will have no excuse.

Probably in a week or two I'll start contacting models about studio shoots, and I've gone so far as to make up a list or two, but nothing too serious yet.

So that's really about it in terms of news.


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