Friday, January 25, 2008


Well, kudos for two companies. One's Amazon - I bought a memory card and had the price drop by about a third a couple of days later. Whoops. But if you go to this help page and click on "Post-Order Price Guarantee" and follow the directions they'll issue a quick refund for the difference (with various rules and regulations). It's not as good as their pre-release protection where they just do it automatically, but still cool to get a $28 refund for two minutes of notifying them. Definitely worth keeping an eye on any big ticket items. Something like a camera can easily bounce around quite a bit in a month's time.

The other is UPS. I bought cardboard from papermart - I need pre-cut cardboard to ship prints efficiently and they had the best price at the moment - and it arrived when I was running an errand. Now, we're getting totally drenched today but there was one little dry patch near the door and the UPS guy put it in just the right place. Anywhere else and it would have been soaked... and it's a box of cardboard, soaked is bad!

PS That's the remaining cyanotype over platinum print I didn't have in yesterday's post.


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