Tuesday, January 29, 2008

eBay Changes

Well, the annual fee changes are in. Probably some of this helps me and some hurts me and it's not obvious yet which are which. As an example lower selling fees sounds good but it floods the market with stuff that won't sell, which makes it harder to find the good stuff. But they're changing search to let the good guys float to the top a bit. But they're changing feedback to make negative feedback for sellers much more common to seperate the good guys from the bad guys a bit. Which they're doing by not allowing sellers to give negatives to buyers (even if they don't pay) so the buyers can neg with impunity. This is bad because there's already a lot of buyer fraud - they'll ask for a partial refund based on some tiny flaw that isn't really there or was clearly in the original listing and threaten to neg you if you don't comply.

Luckily we have a month to figure it all out. One thing that's clear is it's going to make it easier to sell low cost stuff, which isn't bad timing because that brings us to the second thing I'd like to mention, which is I just started listing ACEOs. These are little 2.5 x 3.5 prints - same as a baseball card. People collect them. I definitely understand this - I have way more art than I can use due to trades and it's all just sitting in a pile. I'd love to have lots of little prints in a binder or something that I could look at more easily. You can use all the baseball card storage options so you don't need anything exotic. They're signed, limited editions so they're quite collectable.

I'm going to do this with cyanotypes now and other alt process prints later if it works OK. Part of the point is to let the ACEO guys collect them, and part is to provide a cheap way for folks to see what cyanotypes look like. With that in mind I have a special picture I'm not listing on eBay which will only be given out with print orders - kind of a lottery thing.

If anybody's wondering, the reason I can do this cheap is that I can fit nine on a cyanotype negative and then just cut them up with scissors! So even if they end up selling for $5 each that's $45 per cyanotype which isn't great but at least covers costs and there's a marketing aspect to it. And if I can get them selling for more like $10 that's great. But it's always better to raise print costs than lower them (think of it like a stock price) so I've started them at $5 at auction and we'll let the market decide what they're worth.

Check 'em out!

I'm off to the PowerSeller discussion forum to watch everybody's head explode - I think a lot of people are going to be furious with some of the eBay changes, especially to feedback.


Blogger cosfrog said...

dropped by a nickel, hmmm not that much. but I guess in mass it will add up.

that aceo looks interesting, have to look into that

8:07 AM  

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