Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cyanotype Over Platinum

I've been meaning to photograph these so I can share them here and list them for sale on eBay but due to my studio stuff being put away from the holidays I never quite got around to it. But I dug some gear out and shot these today, and re-photographed some other prints that weren't totally flat when I originally shot them (they looked kind of crooked, which they weren't). But there are three new cyanotype over platinum prints and one new platinum print I hadn't photographed yet. Look for these to be listed on eBay over the next week or so if you're looking for a deal (or if you want one in particular just order it from the website - I'm happy to make them for folks).

While I was at it I updated some of the pictures on the alternative process page so feel free to check that out too.


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