Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Book Announcement

Well, this is exciting. I got in a copy of something I've been waiting for - a copy of a thin book, 10x10 inches, plain black leather cover. Inside are 19 of my pictures and a title page and so forth. This is an experiment - it's made by one of these companies that do books for weddings. They're different from the mass-market print on demand companies in that they're optimized for quality, assume you'll only make a couple of them at most, and price be damned. Even a very small one can cost the photographer hundreds of dollars to produce from some of the more extreme companies (I have accounts at some of those companies). This one's more reasonable but still considered a wedding-grade book.

I'm selling a very limited lettered edition (like a numbered edition, but snootier - so your copy might be C/J instead of 3/10). They're $100 each which actually leaves me with very little profit but I'd rather give this idea as much as a chance as possible and if it sells out fast, oh well. If it's a hit I'll have the freedom to experiment - maybe do a book of just one model or with girls with a particular body type or something.

Details including the exact images are on the Plain Brown Wrapper page, which is what I'm calling it informally (future ones might have dust jackets but I actually love the look of a one-color square thin book.)


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