Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Strange Email

That's Sammi, just because she brightens up any blog post.

I get a lot of kind of random email - not just the stuff you would expect (models, customers, people asking for tips) but a lot of fairly dodgy offers. And I don't mean the ads for breast enlargement pills (which I'm pretty sure I don't need) that everybody gets, some of it's either clearly written to me specifically or it's at least targeted to "owner of website with naked women". I just ran into an old one from 2006 in my email by accident (the sender was alphabetically one down from what I wanted).

As far as I can tell they're offering to outsource the taking of the pictures (the fun part!) to Russia, where there are lots of hot women who work cheap. But there's something about the wording I really like.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. We have the most beautiful girls who wait for work for you. The professional recruit of the most beautiful Russian girls in adult the industry are we.

To owners web sites (soft/hard erotica) it-is offered manufacture for you an exclusive qualitative erotic material-video/foto of session , how many you pay for them?
To owners web sites web cam on it line-is offered services on the recruit of beautiful girls in territory of Russia on your site - address to us, results of our daily work on the recruit of girls for you, you will look on-line.
If you the serious company adult the industries-for you foto/video of session c departure your studio. I shall be glad to help you.


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