Monday, December 10, 2007

Post Shoot Notes: Sammi

I did a short shoot today with Sammi. I've shot with her before. It was a nice surprise - I was supposed to shoot with another model today but she started demanding crazy amounts of money at the last minute even though everything was already negotiated a month ago. And then Sammi contacted me this weekend and was up for a quick shoot this morning. Isn't karma fun?

These are literally the first two frames. The thing she's holding in the first shot is a color chart. It's really useful to have as a reference, especially if you're revisiting a shoot much later and you don't remember how to correct for whatever particular setups you were using back then.

Sammi took off the glasses for most of the shoot, but does she have a sexy librarian thing going on, or what?

I have shoots scheduled Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Some are tentative or portrait work so you won't see that many sets, and I'll probably be editing them into the new year, but there should definitely be some nice stuff showing up here over the next three or so weeks.


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