Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Post Shoot Notes: Azana

I've been meaning to do this for a while. The technical issues of a shot like this are a bit nightmarish - you have the lights from the bridge, the fire, and a flash all in different competition among other things.

We went out tonight and did a relatively short test shoot - got some technical data, some shots to look at. Most of the nudes are zoomed way out since she could get the fire way up there and I wasn't sure how far, but I probably overdid it a bit (these are both somewhat cropped). I should also have switched lenses or gotten closer for one set to do some more closeup type shots to get some variety in there. But that was kind of the point - instead of doing some big elaborate thing or every possible shot, just get out there, see what works, and now I'm in a position to go back with a bit more experience.

Since it's a short shoot I'll hopefully have the full set up relatively soon, but I really don't know how many keepers are in there. As usual I haven't actually looked at all of them yet - I just grabbed two that looked nice from the thumbnails.


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