Friday, December 21, 2007

New Model: Lily

Whew, finally uploaded the shots of Lily. Now I'm just two sets behind. Hopefully I'll have them done by the next two Fridays.

This is one of the film shots. I have some nearly identical film/digital shots I left in the set if anybody wants to compare. If you can't figure out which are which, the URLs all end with IMG_XXXX for digital and lilyXX for film. The film source file is of course much higher resolution - I pulled something like a 25 megapixel file for all of these.

I tried this Arista.EDU film for this set. It's very cheap, made in the Czech Republic. It's imported by Freestyle and I have a friend who swears by it developed in Rodinal. This was developed in a conventional developer to get a kind of baseline - I'll use it outdoors the next time I get a chance and develop in Rodinal and see what I think. But so far it's a plausibly good film, and at $2/roll it's hard to complain. The other films I use are typically more like $3.50ish. They market it as basically a cheap/decent film for use in schools - likewise I'll probably use it for more experiemental stuff where I'm not that confident. But who knows, maybe I'll fall in love with it developed in Rodinal like others have.


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