Wednesday, December 05, 2007

New Model: Azana

Well, that was a pretty straightforward set to go through - not a whole lot of shots, and some of them of course didn't really look like anything. I think there's some nice stuff in there, but I'd love to do it again with a real strobe instead of an on camera flash - lots of power and I could have set it off to one side to do angled light, and could also have just done some regular modeling shots while we were there. I'll have to think very seriously about getting a battery/inverter unit. The pictured shot is just with the light from the flames - sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't. One of the difficulties is that the flames start out really big and then get smaller. Changing light sources are just so much fun for a photographer.

Azana was very brave to swing a staff with flaming ends around her, in public, next to the bay wind, on a day when it was raining on and off, where we had raccoons run by several times (really!). It's not everybody who will risk frostbite, burns and rabies all at the same time!


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