Monday, December 10, 2007

New Goodies

I had a White Lightning X1600 and another folding octabox (I really like those) and grids for that and my first folding octabox as well as some other little stuff arrive today, after the shoot with Sammi. So I put everything together to make sure it's OK and the modeling light was dead. For those who don't know, strobes often have the actual flash tube and then also basically just a lightbulb that's on all the time that just gives you some idea of what the flash will look like. In a unit like this it's a 250W bulb but the power's adjustable. I swapped with another unit and sure enough it was just the bulb. Which really can happen to anybody, I don't especially blame the company for a bad bulb as long as it was packed well which this was.

I called them, got a person in about two seconds. She transferred me to a techie type, who answered on the first ring. Told her the problem, she looked me up (based on last name, didn't have to read an order #), said she's sending out a bulb tomorrow, I don't need to send the old one back, it will be here Tuesday next week is that OK or was I counting on it sooner. Well, I actually have a spare so that's fine, I can hopefully run without a spare for a week!

While I had her on the line I asked about a design change to their reflectors that two of my lights have and two don't. It gives a more even light. Now, for most of what I do it doesn't matter (I rarely use a bare reflector), but still, might as well have all four lights be the same with the current goodies. She knew exactly what the deal was without having to ask anybody else. And sure enough if you bought them within a year of the upgrade they're happy to send you one per light at a massive discount. So I decided I might as well take advantage of this. So she added that together with the bulb.

So point being that while I had some concerns about a weird interaction with the company a while back, I'm willing to write that off as a fluke. Anybody who doesn't put me on hold, knows their stuff, and ships me a replacement part without wanting the old one back is OK in my book. And the fact that they keep tweaking their products and provide an upgrade pathway for existing customers is just gravy.

That's Sammi, without her glasses.


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