Monday, December 31, 2007

International Sales

That's Sammi, just to brighten things up a bit.

Somebody was asking if this is worthwhile - I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but every time I add it up around a quarter to a third of my sales are non-US. Canada, UK, France, Germany are probably the big ones but I've sold to pretty much everywhere in western Europe, a good number of eastern European countries. Only a little to Asia - Hong Kong, Japan. Only a little to South America. A surprising number to little random islands somewhere - if you're in a former New Zeland or French territory or something you're pretty much going to be buying art on the Internet along with everything else. Rarely to Mexico but occasionally.

Every country thinks their customs are the worst and are pretty forgiving of customs delays - even if you're using Priority Mail International (which I recommend, it's not too expensive and it gets to the UK in 3-5 business days usually) every now and again a package will vanish for 3 weeks and it always turns out it was in customs. There are a couple of countries that this happens more than others (France) and others where things vanish without a trace (Italy) and others where they'll seize goods for no obvious reason (Canada) or bounce them because of some tiny flaw in addressing (Canada) but it's really rare. I've shipped hundreds of packages outside the US at this point to around 25 countries and I've personally had a package totally vanish although judging from some of the forums I'm on it's pretty common for some kinds of items in some countries.

One issue is that everybody wants you to lie on customs forms to avoid customs duty, and if you ship a lot you really can't be claiming everything's a gift. One thing that's worth knowing is that documents aren't dutiable in most countries so if you can check that box in good faith, do.

But really it's not that big of a deal, and yes, the shipping's expensive but with the weak dollar a couple of prints including shipping probably doesn't hit the average European in the pocketbook too hard. And fundamentally this is a world where I woke up to a new years greeting sent at 1:00am in Singapore. Might as well get used to it.


Blogger cosfrog said...

She is most likely my fav of yours, dont know why exactly but she just has a lovely look =o)

I see you have gone lurker status on dA and removed your gallery??

11:51 PM  
Blogger San Francisco Nudes said...

You're not alone, although when I try to pick a favorite I end up with basically a ten way tie! I've been really lucky with who I've worked with.

dA - too much drama and I especially don't have time this time of year - too busy shipping prints if nothing else.

8:09 AM  

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