Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Feeling Old

That's Lily again, who has nothing to do with this set except that I'm scanning the film from our shoot and it was handy.

I was talking to a friend about the whole "legal age" issue - what you can and can't shoot if they're below 18 and I was talking about taking a picture of the model's ID and that it's nice with California licenses because they say "Under 18 until year XXXX" and "Under 21 until year XXXX" on them. But in my case basically I just like to double check the birthday and it had better be more than this date in 1989.

And then I realized... Jan 1st it's going to be 1990. That's right, some kids born in the 90s are going to be legal in a couple of weeks. And they're going to have the same relationship with the 80s as I had with the 60s (I was born Feb 7, 1970).

Feeling old...


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