Monday, December 17, 2007

42nd Street Moon

I never know how much local stuff to include, but SF is such a major tourist town, who knows, maybe somebody will find this interesting.

If you're here, or will be here, and want to see a play you might want to check out 42nd Street Moon. These guys resurrect old musicals - something that might have been a big hit in its time but somehow got lost in the shuffle. It's not the kind of thing where you think "This became obscure for a reason" - they're always really amazing. They do a semi-staged deal to keep costs down - so minimal costumes, minimal set, the "orchestra" is a piano, but the actors are always reliable. Just as an example I recently saw "Oh, Lady! Lady!" which I'd never heard of. But it's a Jerome Kern / P. G. Wodehouse (yes, the Jeeves guy) play and was a big hit. The songs are so good that one song that got cut, "Bill", got saved and used in Showboat and was a big hit in of itself. Laughed the whole time. (Meghann May, if you're Googling yourself and find this - you were wonderful).

And as I said, it's cheap. $38 each and they have cheaper preview days and such. Check out what's coming up - next play's not until Spring, unfortunately, and don't expect to recognize the names - that's the point, you won't recognize them. Just pick something that looks good and it probably will be.


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