Friday, November 16, 2007


Pictured is Ursula, just because.

This is another small updates post.

Costco has LED-based Christmas lights - very low power, 100 bulbs are 4 watts. I picked some up, they look good and are plenty bright. Since LEDs last so long there's no extra bulbs and I don't think it's even possible to change them - presumably the Chinese cheaply made wiring will fail first, oh boy.

I had a potential model drop by - nice gal, stunning face, which I don't think she quite realizes (unless she's reading this!). I'll fit in a little cluster of shoots in the first half of December then stop shooting for a couple of weeks. I'm usually really busy shipping things out around then, and I suspect I'm going to end up putting the Christmas tree in the same area I shoot in and it just wouldn't work.

This is just starting basically part 1 of the holiday season for me. The last two years it started picking up around now, and sure enough both sales here on the website and on eBay have picked up a bit. There's kind of a slow steady ramp up to maybe December 20th. At that point the last couple of years there's been a serious spike for about three weeks when everybody's done shopping for others but they're in a spendy mood and they're spending a lot of time online and I do pretty well. This year I've been putting lots of money back into the business (new lights, film cameras, models, new computer and software) and I still have a few things on the list so hopefully that spike will be strong enough to let me achieve some of those goals. We'll see. Anyway, the way eBay works it's best if I anticipate this a bit and ramp up about a week early so that auctions will be ending at the right time, so I'm basically starting now. So there should be a lot more auctions items up than normal, starting now and building through the end of the year.

It's nice having done this a couple of years - once you see the patterns it's a lot easier to do things like make sure there are plenty of shipping supplies in advance.

If you're a photographer who's been considering trying eBay - try one batch around the end of December and another just after the new year - if you can't sell something then, you'll be totally screwed during the summer.


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