Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Up and running

That's Jeanne, by the way, running and jumping.

Anyway, the new computer seems to work OK. I think there's a bunch of little settings that I'll have to keep remembering where they are, and random programs are still randomly deciding they need to update themselves but that's slowed since yesterday. Yesterday the network and drives were pretty much constantly humming.

I checked and the last machine was 5 years old. I'd upgraded bits and pieces of it, but it used some things you can't upgrade easily, like RAMBUS memory, and trying to handle lots of big files in Photoshop was a real pain. Although you have to wonder how long it will take to catch up versus all the time it takes to get a system up and running to my liking.

If anybody's curious it's a Dell XPS 720, running XP, 3.06 GHz core 2 duo, 4GB RAM (not all recognized by 32 bit windows), mirror RAID 500GB drives. Mid range gaming card.... 8600 GTS I think? All I know is the next one up was $400 more, and I do enjoy the occasional game but Half Life 2 Episode 2 looks plenty pretty as it is without spending $400 more. It has a nice media reader which handles compact flash and SDHC (and 17 other formats I don't care about), but typical Dell, it's just kind of loose in the bay and isn't very satisfying when you stick a card in. No big deal but on a Mac it would have been solid.

I'm keeping the old monitor for now - it's a couple of year old Viewsonic. Nice enough once it's calibrated.

I had to open a bunch of pictures and save out versions in the right format for the lab and it was much more zippy but the pictures of Ursula will be the first test of the whole workflow.


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