Saturday, November 10, 2007

This and that

Time for an odds and ends post.

The oil spill in the bay hasn't affected me directly - I'm a bit further south than most of the chaos. It's probably going to push the crab opening day back a couple of weeks which sucks - I'm a big fan of the local crabs. The crabs are on the bottom but if you pull the traps back up through oil obviously that's no good. Not too far from here some of the beaches have some oily birds but no oil washing up or anything. The bad stuff's up from around Marin county - extending as far north as Red Rock Beach which is where this shot was taken from this set. It's also featured in this set with Elanora. It's a great place to shoot but it's kind of far from here so I don't make it up that way all that often.

I'm not as active in nature photography as I was but I'm still on some of the local birder mailing lists so I have a pretty good idea of exactly where the problems are and what species are being hit. It's right in the middle of the migration, which is really awful timing since something like 80% of the birds on the Pacific Flyway come through here. Many of the birds are just getting a trace of oil which they can preen off but it makes them sick and they're spending their time preening instead of feeding up for the next leg so fewer will make it to their destinations.

One little note about the writer's strike - it's interesting being on some of the modeling forums, since a lot of California makeup artists are basically out of work for the next six months and they live pretty hand to mouth as it is. I can see that if the writers are going to get residuals clearly a decent chunk of the DVD and Internet sales would be part of that, but they also make ten times what the makeup artists make up front, and of course they don't get residuals at all. I'm not saying I'm against the strike, but I haven't seen any mainstream reporting of just how many marginal workers are going to get hurt by this and thought I'd mention it. On the plus side, Netflix should make some big bucks.

I saw a grossly overweight guy lecturing a trim, fit gal about how cooking food removes the nutrition and only raw food is healthy. And I mean massively overweight - I don't remember the last time I saw a guy with quite that much flowing over his belt.

No big shoot news - I have a couple of folks I'm talking to about shooting, but I'm not looking all that hard while I catch up on other things and recharge my creative batteries after all the shooting I've done the last couple of months. It's kind of a nice time of year to shoot outdoors with the tougher models, so I may try to fit in some outdoor work.


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