Friday, November 30, 2007

No Shoot Notes

Well, I had hoped to have some post shoot notes today, but I got the dreaded email 2 hours before the shoot. Yep, she flaked (cold feet?). Models are the best and the worst thing about this kind of photography. Actually you could put it that models are the best thing, and wannabe models are the worst.

Andrew Kaiser - who does super classy, talented work - was telling war stories the other day about this kind of stuff - he recently got the dreaded "model with second thoughts" years after she'd shot with him. I always make it super clear that this stuff's forever - not only do they sign a contract but once this stuff's on the Internet somebody's going to save off a copy no matter what you do. And what, you're supposed to somehow recall all of those books and prints? This week I sent shots to the US, Canada, Switzerland, France, and the UK. Good luck getting those back.

Anyway, go buy his magazine (the first one has a picture I took of Kat in it) and pick up some of my stuff while you're there. It will make us feel better. *sniff*

What else...

...I have three model shoots and some portrait work scheduled before Dec 18th which is my official cut-off date then I stop shooting in-studio until early Jan (I'm going to physically put stuff away so I can do other things with the space but possibly I'll do some outdoor work).

...We're getting near the time where the post office gets really sluggish. Priority mail (which is what I use) is still zippy but it won't last much longer. If you're in any kind of a rush for something, I wouldn't delay, otherwise don't worry about it.

...I put in my order with White Lightning for another light and a bunch of modifiers and odds and ends which will put me at two 800s two 1600s and an AB800 as a beater/backup/travel light. A year ago I just had an AB400 and an AB800 - it's been a big investment year for me, putting lots of money into studio stuff but this wraps up this phase. I have some ideas for some setups that would be hard with what I have now, or that work OK now but will be better with the new stuff. A lot of it has to do with minimizing spill - getting the light just where you want it without extra stuff shooting around the room. I'll probably get their battery unit (so I can bring lights on location without worrying about power - basically a battery/inverter set) but they're backordered and I'm in no rush.


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