Thursday, November 08, 2007


Somebody wanted to know what kind of music I listen to while I shoot and work on this stuff. I usually don't play music during shoots because it's a bit hard to hear my directions as it is with a camera in front of my face, but if the model requests music I have a swing playlist that works for most folks. Occasionally a model will bring something, and that's usually fine (mostly it's been stuff I have anyway).

In terms of editing, usually KFOG or I'll put the iPod on shuffle. I have a "shuffle fodder" playlist which is stuff that works well for driving/working/jogging. Mostly kind of upbeat and you don't have to pay too much attention to it.

But right now I'm listening to the C Minor Mass (The Great Mass) but that's very unusual while I'm working - I'm more likely to listen to classical music when I'm just listening to it. Mozart kind of works for this stuff though, so what the heck. Amazing guy, Mozart - when he was my age... well, he was dead for two years. (Yes, the old jokes really are the best).

Oh, and that's Ursula. Her set's coming along nicely.


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