Friday, November 02, 2007

Fiddling with the site

The new machine doesn't arrive for a couple of days, but the talk yesterday of revamping the site got me playing around with the new Dreamweaver (CS3 versus the 2000 version). I've done some really basic CSS hookup for the rest of the site (everything but the blog). I'm not doing anything structural, just making things look more consistent and clear and changing the color scheme on the picture pages to be easier on the eyes.

Turns out the site has about 6,000 pictures on it, who knew? They were always generated from a template but now I can make certain changes without actually regenerating and uploading everything. Other changes, still need to do that.

I also did basically the same thing on the Honest Portraits site (different font there - it's safer to make changes there so it's a bit of a testbed) and my much neglected personal/travel site (which I'm pretty much afraid to touch any more than I have). I don't mind the look of all three sites converging to a certain extent, obviously.

I'm probably going to leave the blog alone for a bit - I don't mind if it doesn't match the rest of the site.

Pictured is Avarice from a couple of years ago.


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