Thursday, November 01, 2007

Cyanotype over Platinum report 8: Round 2 results

If you don't know what a cyanotype over platinum is, check out my alternative process page.

Here you see a photo of the actual print versus the original Photoshop mockup. Pretty close, actually, ignoring the size difference. Close enough that I feel like I can come up with one of these and pretty much know what the final result will look like, anyway.

I also made a print of Aster's torso that I mentioned earlier - the coating didn't come out, but the registration is spot on. Unfortunately on this print it's off just a titch (half millimeter).

I've made three more duotones in Photoshop and will try printing them in the week or two. I'll post comparisons for those as well when the time comes. I'll also make another one of this torso so I'll have one to sell. I'd like to get a little collection of these up for sale before the Christmas rush (which for me starts kind of late - it's more people just finishing their Christmas shopping but still being online in a spendy mood buying stuff for themselves).


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