Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Customer Service

Funny how with some companies the only time you get decent customer service is when you pull your account - the branch manager calls and says you can call him personally any time. Um, yeah, but you never told me there even was a local branch before, and it's too late now, but thanks for the pointless gesture! My pocket lint filled account is outta here!

I've written about customer service before - it's important to me and I have little sympathy for companies that can't pull it off. It's just a question of priorities - and don't give me any of this "you can't get good people" stuff - when I worked for minimum wage at Disney we gave great service. (I worked at Disneyland one summer while in college. Taught me a lot that I've applied to every job ever since.)

Anyway, if you, the customer, want something, give me a shout. White borders around the edge of the picture? Unusual size? Can't find a particular picture? Can't say I'll always say yes - but I'll always give an honest response as quickly as possible.

Oh, and that's Loo. An older shoot but there's some fun stuff in there.


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