Monday, November 26, 2007

Cirque du Soleil - Kooza

So I went to see Cirque last night and thought I might as well report in. San Francisco gets the shows really early - usually as soon as they're done with the hometown run they come straight here and then wander around the US. Sometimes this means they still have a few rough edges. This time they hit Toronto first, but SF was still the first US location.

It was good. If you like Cirque du Soleil you'll like this one. The pacing's a bit off - it's really, really heavy on the clowns and as is often the case they're just not that funny. There are a few wonderfully funny moments but there's often a lot of waiting for the payoff. I suspect they'll tune the show a bit for a more American sense of humor but we'll see. It's better in the second half though, and there are a couple of acts that are really superb. There's the most beautiful contortionist act I've ever seen (and I see a lot of this kind of thing) in the first half, and a jaw dropping lunatic acrobatic routine in the second half with what I can only describe as the Dual Hamster Wheels of Death. (I found a picture of it on their website but it doesn't at all capture the point so I'll just leave it as a surprise.) (Ha! Found it online. It's actually called the Wheel of Death or in this case it was a Double Wheel of Death and pretty much everything they did was a classic routine. Interesting.)

One nice thing is they're getting more variety with the costumes - they were getting to be a bit like they just pulled some stuff out of the back room for every show, but this one's quite creative. Likewise with the music - there's some nice variety.

When I came back the Christmas lights were on which is always kind of a nice feeling. These are the LED ones from Costco I mentioned the other day - they're nice and bright and cheerful.

In other news I have... I think it's 3-4 shoots scheduled or just about scheduled for December and a couple of other folks I'm in the initial stages of talking to. Lord knows which shoots will actually happen, but there should definitely be new pictures in December.


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