Sunday, November 18, 2007

Black Friday

Pictured is one of the various Sarahs I've worked with. It's actually getting to be a bit of a problem in terms of having conflicting names. Some of you might find this interesting - many models model under their middle name, or their first and middle name if their middle name sounds more like a last name.

I mentioned shipping supplies last time - somebody was asking where I get them. First off, I use priority mail a lot and you can get various boxes and things for free if you use that. I don't use their tubes anymore through - they're not very tough. I get precut cardboard to stiffen envelopes and plastic bags for the prints and tubes mostly from Uline although sometimes the cardboard's cheaper from PaperMart and I use them instead.

Amazon's running a Black Friday Deals page that's supposed to have deals popping up over the course of Friday. It's kind of a clever way to get people bouncing back to the site all day - 6am - 6pm PST. If you are doing your Christmas shopping on Amazon do me a favor and click through that link and I'll get a couple of percent kickback (at no cost to you).

It turns out that if the last few folks who bought eBay items actually pay up (a constant problem) I'll be able to get another White Lightning light and then I'll be done with that whole process. It's taken a year - I bought the first one in Dec '06 and this will be my fourth. I'll have two 800s and two 1600s. A year ago I just had an Alien Bee 400 and 800, so that's a pretty major shift. I sold the AB400. I haven't decided if I'm going to sell the AB800 or keep it as a beater/travel light. I'd rather pay for this kind of stuff out of cash flow instead of going into debt (being a starving artist is bad enough without being a starving artist in debt) so I just kind of save up and knock the next item off the list when I can.

Other than that, not a whole lot of news - I'm starting to get firm dates from the models coming home for winter break, but the college students that make up a lot of my model pool are all going to be busy with finals and such until then so it should be pretty quiet around here for a bit. I'm going to try to fit in a few outdoor shoots in late December - always an interesting time of year to be on the bay at sunrise!


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