Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My life is very strange sometimes

Often I'll get people writing in who want to model, but they don't have a portfolio or anything. So I'll have them send some snapshots. Usually we can get to a point where I at least have a real good idea of their body type, but not always and sometimes they can't/won't send more pictures. So I'll suggest that if they're willing to come out here I'm willing to check them out in person. Usually I never hear from them again or they get a picture somehow but sometimes they'll just come on by.

This happened today. And the way this works is that we'll just kind of bop over to the studio and I'll say "OK, get undressed so I can check you out." And they do, and I look at them, chat with them a bit, and then they get dressed and they leave. Sometimes they're great, sometimes not, sometimes your personalities click, sometimes not. You can tell a lot in 10 minutes - are they comfortable with the fact that they've just undressed in a stranger's place?

In this case I took a liking to her so I rolled down some paper and took a couple of snapshots with a single light so she wouldn't have to do this again - I emailed her a couple of shots that are not necessarily my best work ever but enough to get the idea for the next photographer who wants to know. And they're at least more flattering than the usual point and shoot stuff I get all the time. Hopefully she'll do some great shoots and these will soon be retired but at least it's enough to get started.

Anyway, if you're thinking about modeling and need something to start, if you just get some background that's not too icky, and some light from a window or something else that's not straight on (that's usually more flattering) and snap a shot from the front and the back either full length or 3/4 length like these, and also a close up of your face that's a huge help. If you're not interested in nude modeling wear a bikini or lingerie or something similar.


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