Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Mihoko Rodinal

I just shot one roll of Delta 400 and developed it with Rodinal. I was going to do 1:200 dilution at 100 minutes and no agitation but realized I wasn't really set up to measure that out properly so I just did 1:50 again, 1 inversion per minute past the first 30 seconds. 20 minutes developing time. Came out nice although the grain's pretty intense in some images. I'll have a few of them in her set which should be finished up tomorrow.

I still think Tri-X is my favorite go-to film though, either with Rodinal or a more standard developer. I did some street photography around the Union Square area yesterday and hopefully will have some of that to share in a day or two if it's any good. I used the TLR - the good news is nobody realized I was taking their picture, the bad news is that I don't really have a feel for what area will be in the field of view, and there's not necessarily time to be looking. Ideally it's just at waist level and as you go by something there's just a little tiny shutter click, and then you advance the frame once you're past them.


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