Monday, October 08, 2007


I asked a professor friend why so many younger folks have an amazing inability to, as an example, show up on time for paid model shoots, and if they plan on showing up an hour and a half late they don't call as soon as possible to let you know and so forth.

She said "It's because their brains are full of kelp."

So now we all know.

(Seriously, the models I work with are almost always wondeful, interesting, professional people. It's the occasional wanna-be model who thinks she can do anything she wants because she's hot that makes this whole thing way more difficult than it has to be. The good news is they always vanish amazingly quickly, often without actually doing a single shoot. The bad news is that there's always a new crop of them, and unless you shoot infrequently enough to stick to the experienced regulars you pretty much have to take a chance on a newbie sometimes.)

PS Ironically, after posting this I had an unexpected very nice shoot with somebody. I actually have something like six shoots scheduled over the next couple of weeks, so things will be coming at a fast pace with any luck. Assuming there's not too much kelp!


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